This year's conference will offer both in-person an online options. 


Early Bird Pricing* - Until June 16th 2023

In Person July 13 (Workshops): $130

In Person July 14 (Presentations): $130

In Person July 13 & 14 (Workshops + Presentations): $250


Online July 13 (Workshops): $75

Online July 14 (Presentations): $75

Online July 13 & 14 (Workshops + Presentations): $140


Mixed: In-Person Workshops (July 13) + Online Talks (July 14): $195

Mixed: Online Workshops (July 13) + In-Person Talks (July 14): $195


*Prices will increase by $25 after June 16th 

Student and K-12 Teacher pricing: All students and K-12 teachers receive a 50% discount for the conference. Please use the discount code STUDENT50 when registering to receive this pricing. The discount code is entered at the top of the ticket type selection box.

If the cost registration prevents you from participating, please email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Workshop Information

Attendees who register for workshops will participate in a joint morning session facilitated by Joe Kim. We will then break into smaller groups for 2 workshop sessions. All workshops will be availble for both sessions, however, there are separate options for in-person and online. Please note: Workshops are offered only in-person or only online. We will not be able to accommodate online workshops for those who are attending the day in-person. 

Please see the workshop titles and schedule below. For more detailed information, please see the Workshop page under the About Tab.

NOTE: You will be asked to pick your specific workshops and times when registering.

All online workshops will be delivered through Zoom. If you are attending the online workshops, you will receive links a day or two before the conference. 


In-Person Workshops

(1) Applying positive psychology within and outside the classroom - Carla Labella

(2) Incorporating EDI principles into STEM education by understanding the importance of privilege, identity and belonging - Imogen Coe

(3) Applying the 7 core skills of digital accessibility for inclusive teaching - Kate Brown & Jessica Blackwood

(4) Creating mental health-positive environments via principles of universal design - Sam Clarke and Sarah Whitwell

(5) Navigating new frontiers: A balance exploration of integrating generative AI into postsecondary teaching and learning - Erin Aspenlieder & Erin Allard


Online Workshops

(1) Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the Classroom - Mayu Nishimura

(2) Regenerative learing: From story to micro-intervention, teaching that heals - Deena Kara Schaffer


 Each workshop is 2 hours long. Please have your selections made before you begin registration.