All sessions will be delivered online.



July 15 (Workshops): $25

July 16 (Presentations): $25

July 15 & 16 (Workshops + Presentations): $40

Student and K-12 Teacher pricing: All students and K-12 teachers receive a 50% discount for the conference. Please use the discount code STUDENT50 when registering to receive this pricing. The discount code is entered at the top of the ticket type selection box.

If the cost registration prevents you from participating, please email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Workshop Information

Attendees who register for workshops will participate in a joint morning session facilitated by Joe Kim. We will then break into smaller groups for 3 workshop sessions. Attendees will need to choose from 9 potential workshops. Please see the workshop titles and schedule below. For more detailed information, please see the Workshop page under the About Tab.

NOTE: You will be asked to pick your specific workshops and times when registering.

All workshops will be delievered through Microsoft Teams. We will be adding attendees to the Team a day or two before the conference. Workshop materials will also be available on the Team for you to download.

Morning Session 

Focusing on what really matters: A reset for workplace productivity - Joe Kim


(1) Basics of Microsoft Teams for Teaching and Collaboration - Christa Morrison

(2) Learning from Experience: How Design Thinking can Create Impactful Learning Experiences - Amy Pachai & Irina Ghilic

(3) Creating mental health-positive environments via principles of universal design - Andrew LoGiudice & Sam Clarke

(4) Somatic Strategies for Academic Thriving: Learning With and From Breath and Body - Deena Kara Shaffer & Diana Brecher

(5) Applying the 7 Core Skills of Digital Accessibility for Inclusive Teaching - Kate Brown & Jessica Blackwood

(6) Revisiting your Teaching Philosophy Statement Following a Year of Pandemic Teaching - Erin Allard & Rebecca Taylor

(7) Taking the Big 3 into the Classroom - Faria Sana

(8) Practice Makes Perfect: Supporting Student-Generated MCQs with PeerWise - Paul Denny

(9) Advanced Microsoft Teams for Teaching and Collaboration - Christa Morrison

Schedule - Each workshop is 90 minutes long

 Workshop 1

10:00 - 11:30

 (1) Christa Morrison

(Beginner Teams)

 (2) Amy & Irina  (3) Andrew & Sam  (4) Deena & Diana

(5) Kate & Jessica

 Workshop 2

12:30 - 2:00

(3) Andrew & Sam (5) Kate & Jessica (6) Erin & Rebecca (4) Deena & Diana  (7) Faria


Workshop 3

2:30 - 4:00


 (8) Paul Denny

 (9) Christa Morrison

(Advanced Teams)

 (7) Faria

 (2) Amy & Irina  (6) Erin & Rebecca

Please have your selections made before you begin registration. 

Times listed are given in UTC/GMT-4 (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)